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Monthly Meetings

Marketing tips from the experts… your peers!

At the June 15th PRO lunch, hosted by EleMar Oregon, we had the rare and precious opportunity to hear from not one, or even two, but over 60 experts on the subject of small business marketing.  Are you curious as to how we were able to coordinate and compile so many experts for one day?  Simple, we just invited the members of the Professional Remodelers Organization to lunch!

It’s an easy trap to fall into, when faced with so many options for activities, seminars, continuing education classes, etc., to lose track of the greatest resource provided by the PRO… the combined experience, expertise, and insight of our over 225 members.  In a group of that size, it’s safe to say that most questions could be answered with a thoughtful and informed response, and someone has probably tried it, whatever it is, at least once, and can tell you why they would, or wouldn’t, do it again!  So this month we took a moment to tap that wellspring of experience and talk about what we can do to market our businesses.  Some of the ideas seemed simple, but all of them were things that we can easily lose sight of as our pace and/or workload increases.

  • Everyday Good Practices
    • Create Alliances and Maintain Contacts
      • Build win-win relationship with your contractors, suppliers and vendors though camaraderie and incentives
      • Stay in touch with people in your industry.  Know what they’re up to.  Their next big project could carry you with them.
      • Leads from Lenders – find out who’s really ready to get started.
    • Networking
      • Membership & Engagement in Trade Organizations
      • Diversify your efforts – join multiple network building organizations
    • Let everyone know what you do – ALL of what you do!
      • Your neighbors might know you’re a remodeler, but may not think to call you for that new deck they’re building.
    • Competition & Award Entries
      • Leverage your awards by promoting them on your website, in newsletters, blogs, social media, and email signatures.
    • Branding
      • Consistent messaging & Logo use is a must for brand recognition
    • Know your product and your customer
    • Continuing Education Courses
      • Increase your value and skill set with continuing education and advanced certifications
    • Goal:  How often can you get your name in front of your customer?
      • Quarterly Newsletter
      • Door Hangers
        • Place locally to your job locations.
      • Job signs at your construction sites
    • Hard Cover Portfolios
      • Order them online for an inexpensive but professional look for your business in place of a notebook.
  • Bang for the Buck
    • Home Shows
      • You’ll find a more targeted audience, despite the smaller numbers
    • Subscribe to Industry Publications
      • Weekly Construction Monitor
      • Commercial/Residential Bid Reports
    • Tour of Remodeled Homes – Find a way to display your work to the public.
    • Use your local newspapers
    • Bus ‘Butt’ Advertising Banners
    • TV
      • Targeted Ads, use the video’s for web and blog content
      • Many found TV & Radio to be unsuccessful  – it’s all about timing and target audience
    • Ask HOW people found you to determine the best use of your dollars.
  • In this Day and Age
    • Website
      • Make sure your contact information is easily accessible.
    • Social Media
      • Twitter, Facebook, Blogs – stay in touch and keep yourself in the front of your customer’s minds.
    • Blog
      • write what you know, who you are.
    • YouTube
      •  build your own channel to highlight your work, show interviews & customer testimonies.
    • Increase your Google presence
    • Use QR Codes
  • Old School, Tried and True
    • Referrals and Testimonials
      • Perform Quality Work
        • Consistent, quality work will keep the referrals coming
      • Offer referral incentives
      • Always ask for testimonials from clients, vendors, suppliers
      • Give referrals and testimonials – more exposure for you too!
      • Use ‘Thank You’ gifts, surveys, and newsletters to stay engaged with past customers.
    • Hand-written thank you notes
    • Cold Calls and Follow up calls
  • Ready for some help?
    • Contract Marketing consultants or firms
      • Set clear goals up front for what you hope to accomplish
      • Define measurable and achievable deliverables and timeline
      • Find one through a reputable referral or trade organization resource… like the HBA PRO website.

Turkey Fry Photos

Thank you to CFM and Wear-Dated Carpets for hosting our 2010 Annual PRO Turkey Fry.  Steve Frazier you can cook a mean turkey!  See more photos here.

Our cooks Steve Frazier and Bob Wilcox

Annual Turkey Fry

December 15, 2010
JMG Conference Center at the HBA

Sponsored by Contract Furnishings Mart and Wear-Dated Carpets

The Turkey Fry is the Professional Remodelers Organization’s annual holiday gathering. It will highlight the organization’s accomplishments in 2010 and Steve Frazier’s legendary deep fried turkeys! Please bring new unwrapped toys for our annual toy drive.

$15 per attendee – All payments handled at the door. RSVPs are critical so we can plan how much food will be needed for the event. Register here.

October PRO Monthly Meeting: Traffic Alert

As you’ve probably heard, there will be many road closures in Portland between 2:00pm and 6:00pm today due to the President’s motorcade. Despite the potential traffic issues, we are still looking forward to a great monthly meeting at Rejuvenation.  I wish that I could give you the magic bit of information that would allow you to travel quickly and easily to the event this evening, but all I can say is please be prepared to take alternative routes, expect delays and travel safely.  I am sure Jon Chandler will be in fine form this evening with Obama speaking just down the street at almost the same time.

For more information on the Obama visit, see the news articles below.

Obama Visit To Bring Rush Hour Traffic Delays

Hail to the traffic jam: President Obama will arrive in Portland during Wednesday rush hour

PRO Sponsorship Opportunities for 2011

Sponsoring PRO activities offers many unparalleled opportunities specifically tailored to the local market to help your business grow. For specific information on the sponsorship opportunities below please call 503-684-1880.

Target: Homeowners and Remodelers
2011 Tour of Remodeled Homes – For over ten years, thousands of homeowners have taken the Tour of Remodeled Homes to find a remodeling company, get great ideas and begin the journey of remodeling their own home. The Northwest’s finest remodeled home tour, The Tour of Remodeled Homes, returns this March 12-13, 2011 with newly remodeled homes to explore in the Portland metro area and beyond. Participating remodelers regularly report that they secure 70-80% of their work for the entire year from this one event. That translates into millions of dollars worth of remodeling work in the Portland Metro area each year. Sponsorships start at $1,500 and go up to $10,000.  Sponsors already secured for this event include Contract Furnishings Mart, The Fixture Gallery and PARR Lumber.
Remodeling 101 Seminar – This one day seminar targets consumers who are seriously considering remodeling their homes and are interested in learning about the products and services they will need to complete their remodel. Sponsorship SOLD to Theresa Springer of Directors Mortgage.

Target: Industry Professionals
PRO Monthly Meeting Sponsor – PRO Monthly Meetings are held once a month on the third Wednesday of the month. Sponsors may choose to hold the meeting at their own facility or at the HBA. Sponsorships include an article in the Home Building News, listings on the HBA and PRO websites and five minutes to speak at the event.  Sponsorships start at $1,250. Sponsors who have already secured their monthly meeting include Contract Furnishings Mart, BASCO and Bradlee Distributors.

Target: An Online Presence website – Advertising on the Professional Remodelers Organization website is a great way to generate awareness of your services and products to potential clients. The PRO website is targeted to both consumers interested in remodeling, as well as members and potential members of PRO. Sponsorships include website ads, blog articles, facebook and twitter mentions. Sponsorships start at $120 and go up to $1,000.

Target: Charitable Giving
PRO Fundraising Efforts for the Home Builders Foundation – Each year the Professional Remodelers Organization strives to produce at least one event in conjunction with the Home Builders Foundation. Past events have included Poker Tournaments, Crab Feeds and work days. Sponsorships are needed to underwrite the cost of producing the events. Sponsorships start at $250 and go up to $2,250.

June PRO Monthly Meeting

Thank you so much to Woodcrafters for sponsoring our monthly meeting today.  If you have not been by to check out their showroom, you are missing out. 

Our sponsor Woodcrafters

Our newest member Ran Shriki of Oren Painting with Steve Stolze of SLS Construction

May PRO Monthly Meeting

Great meeting today! Thank you Donna Shirey, NAHB Remodelers Chairman for speaking to our group today and thank you Divine 9 for hosting our luncheon.

The Divine 9

Donna Shirey, NAHB Remodelers Chairman