The Professional Remodelers Organization welcomes Santa home to the Northwest!

PRO Santa House at Bridgeport Village 2011

Come out to Bridgeport Village to see the new Santa House built by the PROs

In case you haven’t seen it yet – the PRO Santa House at Bridgeport Village is a sight to behold and a testament to what can be accomplished through generosity and tenacity even in these difficult economic times.

The project is a truly collaborative effort of the Professional Remodelers Organization (PRO) with over 60 individuals from over 40 companies pitching in tens of thousands of dollars worth of materials and man-hours to bring this project to life.  It took months of preparation and several incredibly generous donations of time, materials, and funds from companies like Contract Furnishings Mart, Powerhouse Construction, and many more, to create a structure that can be taken apart in panels, stored on pallets in the off season and re-erected onsite… plus it had to pass the permitting process through the city of Tualatin!  With a lot of help from the members of the Professional Remodelers Organization, the Santa House is complete and open for visitors Monday through Saturday through Christmas Eve.

To find a member of the PRO to help you with your home remodeling needs visit our directory here.

Members of the Professional Remodelers Organization at the PRO Santa House build

Some of the many PRO elves that helped out with the Santa House project for Bridgeport Village

Last wall goes up on the 2011 PRO Santa House

It takes an army of PROs to set the last wall for the 2011 PRO Santa House!

The Professional Remodelers Organization wishes to recognize the following individuals and companies, without whom this project would not have been possible – thank you , thank you all:

Dan Wood, C&E Rentals
Scott Bocci, C&E Rentals
Larry Mock, Cascade Custom Remodel & Construction
Steve Pruitt, Cascade Restoration & Remodeling
Greg Wood, Cascade Restoration & Remodeling
Thomas Adams, Classic Electric, LLC
Abigail Adams, Classic Electric, LLC
Mark McGregor, Clean it Up Mark!
Steve Frazier, Contract Furnishings Mart
Thomas Payne, Craftsman Homes Group LLC
Sonja Bell, Custom Stone Creations
Theresa Springer, Directors Mortgage
Scott Dual, Dual Purpose Construction
Chris Barry, Energy Trust of Oregon
Michael Pender, Fisher Roofing
Tom & Alejandro, Fisher Roofing
Andrew Morphis, Green Hammer Inc
Linda Blackwood, Interiors by Blackwood, LLC
Andy Stember, JAS Engineering
Luke Morley, Lakeside Lumber
Anthony Scales, Milgard Windows – Portland
Tim Doolittle, Miller Paint
Patrick Richardson, Murrayhill Remodeling Co.
Lee Zajic, N.W. Renovations & Design Co.
Kellie Hainline, National Builders Hardware
Dave Szyplinski, National Builders Hardware
Patty Davis, Natural Stone Designs, Inc.
Tom White, North West Framing Inc.
Sean Alexander, North West Framing Inc.
Nancy Cranston, PARR Lumber Company
Scott Coffey, PARR Lumber Company
Robin McKnight, Powerhouse Construction, Inc.
Justan Proulx, Powerhouse Construction, Inc.
Nate Seiler, Powerhouse Construction, Inc.
Michael Barnum, Powerhouse Construction, Inc.
Nate Bond, ProBuild
Ed Becker, ProBuild
Todd Hertner, Rebuild LLC
Gordon Root, Root Holdings, LLC
Nate McNeely, Sherwin-Williams Co.
Jamie Laird, Sherwin-Williams Co.
Nancy Long, Sisu Painting, Inc.
Cylina Sanchez, Sisu Painting, Inc.
Frank Sanchez, Sisu Painting, Inc.
Roger Fernandez, Sisu Painting, Inc.
Dale Bell, Sky Heating & Air Conditioning
Steve Stolze, SLS Remodel and Additions
Tim Nielsen, Southgate Wallboard
Mitch Stanley, Stanley Renovation & Design, Inc.
Dave Silvey, Suburban Door Company Inc.
Dean Wescott, Suburban Door Company Inc.
Steve Klingerman, T.H.E. Remodel Group
John Scott, T.H.E. Remodel Group
Dave Parker, The Cronin Company
Rob Novak, The Cronin Company
Inspector Bill King and all of the Tualatin Building Officials
Linda Beymer, W.B. Adams Co.
Wayne Randall, Wayne S. Randall Construction
Jake Randall, Wayne S. Randall Construction
Moe Salem, Westside Drywall & Insulation
Louise Farrar-Wegener, Z-3 Design Studio Inc.
And so many individual members of the Professional Remodelers Organization, Building Green Council and Home Builders Association of Metro Portland who took the time to make calls or give of their time and resources in a myriad of ways to ensure the success of this project.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from the Professional Remodelers Organization.


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