Santa Claus is coming… to the PRO Santa House!


It takes a lot of PROs to build Santa's House

For almost two weeks now a few dedicated Professional Remodelers Organization (PRO) members have been working almost round the clock at C&E Rentals in Tualatin to build the PRO Santa House for Bridgeport Village.

This project was initially taken on to help promote visibility for the PRO organization but has turned into a camaraderie building adventure to procure the materials, services, permits, and labor necessary to create a one of a kind house for Santa to call home while he visits us here is the Great Northwest.  From the design process to materials procurement to rounding up volunteer labor this whole process has turned out to be a real labor of love for the PROs and their amazing and generous supporters… And we’re not done yet!

We need to finish up with the initial build and painting process and then we’re breaking this whole thing down to the panels on November 9th, loading it onto trucks and trailers on the 10th and delivering it and reassembling it on November 11th and 12th at Bridgeport Village.  We need extra hands and able bodies on November 11th – and anyone who helps out is guaranteed to show up  on the Nice list this year!

Please contact Jessica Metteer at or 503-684-1880 to sign up to help us finish up this beautiful PROfessional home for Santa Claus!


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