Value of Networking and BUILDing Relationships

As many Remodelers know, this business is about relationships;

Relationships with your clients that grow from first impressions, to trusting bonds, to making coffee for the crew when your work day starts before the homeowners have gotten themselves really going for the day.

Relationships with your subcontractors that start with a great bid and grow into a trusting, quality driven, and mutually profitable partnership.

Relationships with your suppliers that start with a simple order and grow into the kind of give and take where you can get the replacement tile you need shipped out in a week instead of three weeks and you can wait a few extra days for that light fixture because it’s going to save you both a bundle.

The HBA PRO recently worked together with NWSID, NKBA, and the ORA to produce an event that was truly and solely focused on helping attendees to network and build relationships across all fields of the remodeling industry.  Follow this link to an article from K+BB (Kitchen and Bath Business) a national magazine, about the face of networking today and how well the BUILD retreat serves that essential function.

To find out more about getting involved in this and other great face to face networking opportunities, call or email Jessica at the Professional Remodelers Organization.  503-684-1880 or


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