CCB releases first continuing education course for Oregon residential contractors

The Construction Contractors Board (CCB) released its first online residential continuing education course on April 25, 2011. This one-hour course covers Residential Contracts, Contract Terms and Required Notices.  CCB-offered courses cost $15.00 per credit hour.

Residential contractors renewing on or after October 1, 2011 are required to have completed sixteen hours of continuing education. This course qualifies towards one hour of continuing education credit in the Laws, Regulations and Business Practices area of their CORE continuing education requirement.

“Developing continuing education courses and the delivery systems is new ground for the agency,” says Gina Fox, spokesperson for the CCB. “We are excited to be able to make this course available and have plans to follow-up with two more hours before summer.”

The link to register for CCB-offered online courses is available on the CCB website at

Contractors will be asked to register for a CCB Online Services account (or log in once an account is established) in order to access online courses. Currently, only the individuals that are part of the licensing record are able to access CCB’s continuing education courses.

The CCB will begin working with industry leaders to bring a limited number of “live” courses beginning this summer to supplement the online program.

Two additional one-hour online courses are currently in production and are expected to be released early summer.

Contractors can find more information about residential continuing education and the requirements at


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