Daily 5 Remodel by Leah Thayer

Former Remodeling Magazine senior editor Leah Thayer has recently started a new website/blog to help remodeling professionals work more efficiently and profitably while enjoying the feedback and community of their professional peers.

I highly recommend  you check it out.  Here are a few of my favorite article so far…
Project Ribbon-Cutting – “The clients were thrilled with their new kitchen, so we decided to hold a ribbon-cutting celebration…”

Shmeureka Moments. How Innovation Happens – Ideas are networks, not flashes of genius or lightbulb moments. How to foster “unpredictable collisions of ideas” in your company.

Household Reformation – New Census data reveal that the family unit is increasingly multigenerational as well as blended, unmarried, single-parented, etc.


One response to “Daily 5 Remodel by Leah Thayer

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I extend a sincere invitation to all remodeling professionals to subscribe to daily5 — and to participate in this ongoing conversation about industry news and best practices. Among other things, you can respond to/see how your peers are responding to a daily “burning question,” gauge your business performance to that of your peers in a weekly interactive survey, and share a picture or video that showcases a practice that makes your company special.

    Subscribing is free (there’s a premium option), and everyone who registers by October 1 will be entered into a drawing for an iPad.

    best regards,
    Leah Thayer

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