Lead Paint Administration Kit

As a Certified Renovator your responsibilities don’t just stop at the job site.  One of the most important things you must do is properly document that you and your company followed the rules and guidelines on each job you work on:

If your files are documented correctly, you are protected from fines and lawsuits that could arise months and even years down the road.

If your files are not documented correctly, you are opening yourself up to litigation, regulatory actions including fines, suspension of licenses and law suits.

Unlike inspection on your job sites from OSHA, CCB, EPA, etc… inspections of compliance with the RRP guidelines can be done months and even years after the work has been completed.  This means that you are subject to regulatory actions and fines for long after the job is done.

To help you stay in compliance and to make your job easier, we are making available a Lead Paint Administration Kit that includes the common forms, signage and reports that you will need to insure that your files are complete as possible.  Following is a list of the forms included:

  • Renovator Checklist
  • Lead Test Kit Documentation Forms
  • Occupant Receipt confirmations
  • Renovator Self Certifications
  • Renovation Notices
  • Warning Signs
  • Record of Tenant Notices

Depending on the types of jobs you do, this kit will provide you the paperwork for up to 25 jobs!

Also included is a laminated EPA 8 Step Flow Chart that you can keep with you at all times to help you determine the steps you need to take on each job.

The cost of the kit is only $59.00 and if you come to our offices in Lake Oswego and pick it up you can save yourself the $14.95 shipping charge.  To reserve your kit please call Patti at 503-684-1880.


One response to “Lead Paint Administration Kit

  1. The kit sounds interesting.

    If you are looking for additional info, we have new database of RRP FAQs http://zipwall.com/lp/EPAFAQ.html

    Hope this helps!


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