EPA Delays Enforcement on Lead Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has delayed enforcement actions regarding training and firm certification requirements against remodelers under the Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule until October 1.

The EPA released the enforcement delay memo on June 18, explaining that contractors who have enrolled in Certified Renovator training with an EPA-approved training provider by September 30 will not face enforcement, as long as the training is completed by December 30.

However, the EPA will continue to enforce against violations of the work practices stipulated in the rule. Remodelers will still need to give consumers the pre-renovation pamphlet (Renovate Right), set up containment, avoid prohibited practices, conduct cleaning, and complete cleaning verification.

This delay of enforcement is a win for NAHB because it had long contended the EPA lacked enough trainers nationwide to prepare remodelers for the regulation and had failed to implement an awareness plan to remodelers about the rule. NAHB had sent letters to EPA requesting enforcement delay and spoke to members of Congress about problems with the rule implementation. The memo acknowledges that the EPA created the delay due to concerns raised by the regulated community.

Read the full enforcement delay memo.

NAHB also released a press release applauding the EPA’s decision to delay enforcement of the lead rule.

Remodelers can search for an EPA-approved training provider or can contact their local home builders association to find Certified Renovator training sessions.


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