Remodelers expect lead paint rules to be major challenge

By Jonathan Sweet, from

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Our research shows many remodelers are not aware of the coming rule changes, and even among those who are aware, a significant number do not plan to be certified for lead- safe renovations by the April 22 effective date of the regulations, despite the potential of $37,500-a-day in fines for violations.

We surveyed our readers and talked to remodelers and others in the industry about just what all this means for the average firm.

Remodelers are worried that the new regulations will continue to widen the increasing gap between professional firms and the fly-by-night “Chuck in a truck.” Just like many small operations that don’t get licensed, have liability insurance or follow other legal requirements, the fear is that they won’t bother following the regulations.

That was the top threat of the new rules identified by our survey, with 37 percent of remodelers saying it was the biggest challenge to their business and more than half identifying it as one of the top two challenges.

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