Congratulations, Theresa Springer Outstanding Associate Member CADRE Award Winner

Theresa Springer was recently honored with the 2009 Council Award for Demonstrating Remodeling Excellence for Outstanding Associate Member. The awards—known in the industry as the CADREs—were announced during NAHB Remodelers annual Gala at the 2009 Remodeling Show in Indianapolis. Winners in eight categories were honored for outstanding contributions and performance at the local council level.

Jarred Roy, from the Pella Corporation, with NAHB Remodelers Greg Miedema, CGR, CGB, CAPS, CGP, a remodeler from Tucson, Ariz., presented the awards from NAHB Remodelers.

Roy applauded Springer for “helping to promote remodelers, support professional development, and grow leadership at the local council.”

Theresa Springer, CGA, joined the Professional Remodelers at the HBA of Metro Portland in 2004 and has become a vital leader while representing the Pacific Residential Mortgage company. She actively participates in a long list of committee meetings, at luncheons, and at other events. Theresa has been working in home lending for more than 20 years and knows firsthand the challenges remodelers are experiencing with financing projects. She actively promotes council members to consumers through seminars and supporting website improvements.

The CADRE Awards, judged by members of NAHB Remodelers’ Board of Trustees, are presented each year to local Remodelers Councils and individuals whose work at the local council level exemplifies the best practices of the remodeling industry. The CADRE is the NAHB Remodelers highest national award for work at the local level.

Miedema added, “Local NAHB Remodelers Councils across the nation nurture excellence in professional remodelers with programs, education, and leadership development. The CADRE awards celebrate their achievements and raise the bar for local excellence.”


One response to “Congratulations, Theresa Springer Outstanding Associate Member CADRE Award Winner

  1. Congrats Theresa! You so deserve that award!

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