King of the Grill: Evo flattop appliance

I recently stopped by the Ferguson’s showroom on NW 18th in Portland (which is awsome you should totally check it out) and saw a cooking demonstration of the Evo cooktop.  With summer upon us this would be a great alternative to the traditional outdoor grill for outdoor living spaces.  Plus, they have indoor and tabletop versions so the good times can last all year long.  Read the excerpt below then jump over to their website or walk into Ferguson, BASCO or the NW Natural Appliance Center to learn more.


From Evo Website:

Certain cooking styles (more than others) reveal the wonderful flavor potential of foods- particularly steak, seafood, and vegetables. With Evo’s circular flattop cooking surface you have the ability to sear, sauté, braise, boil, roast, steam, stir-fry, bake, poach, toast, fry and grill. Similar to traditional cast-iron pan cooking techniques, Evo’s large and versatile cooking surface lets you cook foods while highlighting the natural wonderful caramelized flavors of food.

Evo’s cook surface gives you ample room to cook whole pieces of meat or fish. Professional chefs know that sear cooking with high heat caramelizes the natural carbohydrates of food, turning them into flavorful, natural sugars. The contrast in taste between the seared outside crust and the interior makes food more interesting and fun to eat.

Evo’s cook surface also protects food from the negative effects of charring, which is a familiar problem with open-flame barbeque grills. Burning and charring of food is not the same as searing and caramelization. With an open-flame grill, the leaping flames and pulsating heat cause proteins to repetitively contract and relax, expelling natural, flavorful juices. Cooking foods on Evo’s solid plate cooking surface eliminates any chance of food coming into contact with a direct open flame, so you can cook moist, tender meats and poultry without the burn and char.

Additionally, the design of Evo’s cooking surface has a slightly crowned shape that allows cooking juices and liquids to flow from the center to the outside edge and into the drip tray below. This allows you to keep foods separated across the cook surface, and if you’re cooking several things at one time, it also allows you maintain the distinct flavor of each item being cooked. Unlike open-flame grated grills that allow cooking juices to smolder and smoke everything with a universal charred taste, Evo lets food cook in its own juices and provides wonderful natural aroma that enhances the taste experience.


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