2009 Street of Dreams to feature condos, sustainability and the Pearl District

For the first time ever, the NW Natural Street of Dreams is going urban. In honor of its 34th year, the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland (HBA) is bringing America’s longest running luxury home show to the heart of the city.


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The 2009 show will take place Aug. 1st-30th in Portland’s Pearl District and will highlight approximately 10 high-rise condos priced between $1 and $4 million. HBA had been working on sites in more suburban locations, but also had plans under way for adding an urban component to this year’s show. Changing market dynamics, combined with strong industry and consumer interest in the urban component, created an opportunity to focus exclusively on an all-urban show featuring some of Portland’s finest luxury downtown living.

“Dream homes come in different shapes, sizes and styles,” said 2009 HBA President Tom Skaar. “This year’s Street of Dreams focuses on the height of urban living in one of Portland’s residential jewels. It will bring tens of thousands of people to the area’s galleries, breweries, unique restaurants and shops. In essence, the Street of Dreams in The Pearl will give showgoers an authentically Portland lifestyle experience and invite them to see all the wonderful things the city has to offer.”

The 2009 Street of Dreams will also feature a significant increase in its emphasis on sustainability. Most of the homes will meet LEED standards and have other sustainable site development and construction practices that exceed current code. Eco-friendly materials and furnishings and energy efficiency will also be showcased in the condos interiors. Sustainable practices also will be incorporated into the show’s production, marketing and operations. This emphasis demonstrates the HBA’s commitment to being earth-friendly in all its shows and events.

Attendees will be encouraged to take advantage of the region’s public transportation systems, including the MAX, light rail and Portland street car to reduce driving and traffic, to stroll around the highly walkable Pearl, and to pop into local businesses, which will offer special promotions in coordination with the show.

“The 2009 show will offer the public the things they’ve come to love and expect from the Street of Dreams with a new focus and feel,” said Roger LeClair, this year’s Street of Dreams Chairman. “It will still feature innovative homes, showcase the latest, greatest and finest the building industry has to offer and inspire people with the beauty and unique features of the sensational homes it highlights. The show focuses on dreams and will continue to do so for many years to come.”


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