The Hottest Stimulus Package in History!

Check out NW Naturals site for information about the federal stimulus bill and energy efficient natural gas equipment.  Click here for consumer page.  Click here for press release.

On Feb. 17, 2009, President Obama signed a stimulus bill that offers significant incentives when you improve the efficiency of your home heating equipment. Now’s the time to make a smart investment in a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. In return you will receive:

up to $2200 back
years of operating savings
greater warmth and comfort
higher energy efficiency
a way to be kinder on the environment!

When you invest in a 95%+ AFUE high-efficiency natural gas furnace with e-rated ECM from one of our NW Natural Certified Contractors, you can enjoy up to $2,200 in rebates, tax and gas credits. It’s the hottest set of incentives we’ve ever offered!

To commemorate NW Natural’s 150th anniversary, our Certified Contractors have included, as part of this offer, a $150 credit on your NW Natural gas bill.

So get some significant savings by making a smart heating choice. Offer expires April 30, 2009.

Oregon Offer

For new (conversion) and existing gas customers who purchase a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or boiler from a Participating NW Natural Certified Contractor – up to $2200 in incentives:

$200 rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon for 90%+ AFUE gas furnace or boiler (no ECM required)1
Up to $350 Oregon Dept. of Energy tax credit for 92%+ AFUE gas furnace with GAMA electrically-efficient (e-rated) ECM2 or up to $225 for 92%+ AFUE boiler
 Up to $1500 Federal energy tax credit on 95%+ AFUE gas furnace with or without a GAMA e-rated ECM or 90%+ AFUE boiler3
$150 gas credit applied to your NW Natural account, courtesy of the Participating Contractor who installs your 90%+ AFUE natural gas furnace with ECM


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