Chairman Profile: Mitch Stanley

Arlene and Mitch Stanley

Arlene and Mitch Stanley

At this time we would like to introduce our ’09-’10 Remodelers Council chair Mitch Stanley, of Stanley Home Renovation & Design, Inc. 

Mitch – Thank you for your enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, and expertice.  We look forward to continued growth and increased visibiltity under your leadership in the next two years. 

Read more about Mitch below.



Business Basics
Education: University of  California at San Bernardino
Professional Background: Building/Remodeling
How’d You Get Started: well…………mom and dad met one day……….
Secrets to Success: Never give up
Measuring Success: If my family and I are happy
Business Mentors or Heroes: my wife, Arlene

Making the Call
Business decision you’re most proud of: Starting our own business
One you’d like to have back: Starting our own business
Principals I use for big decisions: Does my wife approve
The best business advice you ever received: Never give up

Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going
What I learned from my first job ever: always wear steel toed boots when milking cows
First “Career” Job: carpenter
As a kid, I thought I wanted to be: A Millionaire
If I weren’t doing this I’d be: Golfing

Insider Information
People would be surprised to know:  I once worked for Sy Sperling
If I could work for free for any cause/charity it would be: Running a summer camp on a horse ranch for kids
Famous words I wished I’d said (favorite quote): “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford
I need more time on weekends for: hanging out with my wife and kids


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