Merry Christmas

The official 2008 White House Christmas Tree placed and decorated in the Blue Room is an 18 ½-foot tall Fraser fir (Abies fraser).

Russell Estes and Jessie Davis of River Ridge Tree Farms in Crumpler, North Carolina presented the tree to Mrs. Bush. Mr. Estes and Mr. Davis won the honor of having their tree displayed in the White House by becoming the 2008 National Grand Champion Growers of the National Christmas Tree Association. NCTA members have shared the honor of presenting the official White House Christmas Tree since 1966.

The White House Floral Department staff and some 92 White House volunteers decorated this year’s tree in keeping with the theme of “A Red, White and Blue Christmas.” Tree decorations are 369 spherical ornaments, designed by artists from around the country selected by their Congress members. Mrs. Bush invited all Senators and Representatives to participate by selecting an artist. Each hand-painted ornament characterizes the uniqueness of the artist’s state, district, or territory.


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