Member Highlight: Contract Furnishings Mart

Contract Furnishings Mart, whose slogan reads “Floor Covering Supplier to the Construction Industry” is one of the largest and most successful interior products suppliers in the United States.  It was founded by a builder/developer strictly to serve the builder / remodeler segment of the housing market.

It was back in 1981, during one of the many building recessions we have experienced, that Bill Cogdall Sr., who had been a home builder and land developer for the previous eighteen years, decided to start the CFM concept.  The idea was to solve the many problems he had long endured as a builder dealing floor covering and “sweetheart” deals.  Having also spent his just out of college years in wholesale floor covering, he understood the disparities of the two industries and the reasons for such problems as the honeymoon bid followed by rising prices, poor product selection and customer service, not to mention shoddy installations by unknown installers.  After all, as a builder, Bill had never asked the lumber company to send out a framing crew with the lumber package he had just ordered.  So why should floor covering be any different?

The CFM solution was a professional showroom operated with established selling and pricing policies to specifically meet the needs of the professional builder or remodeler.  Pricing was set at a minimum mark-up based on CFM cost so prices are as low as possible, and constant from job to job.  Roll pricing and volume pricing benefits are passed on to the builder.  On large volume jobs, CFM becomes the builders buying agent, to negotiate the best possible price for needed materials.

Contract Furnishings Mart maintains a list of competent, professional installers to fit any product, job size or budget.  With the installer responsible directly to the builder, quality control is enhanced with less overhead, a fair wage to the craftsman, and a lower ultimate finished job cost.

We invite you to visit one of four Portland/Vancouver area, or four Seattle showrooms for a tour so you can see the CFM difference.  Imitated by many, duplicated by none, Contract Furnishings Mart continues to be the leader in the Northwest floor covering industry.


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