Neil Kelly named national “Remodeler of the Year” by Professional Remodeler Magazine


Tom Kelly has the aggressive nature of a world-class athlete, the passionate soul of a rock star and the wily personality of a high stakes gambler.

But when you get right down to what really makes him tick, it’s the heart of gold that beats within his Irish-American chest that separates Kelly from many remodeling firm executives and industry leaders.
The jovial, witty and kind-hearted Kelly has Neil Kelly Co. poised to come out of the remodeling industry’s downturn stronger than ever — partly because he’s not afraid to take a calculated risk or two and partly because he cares about the careers of his 159 employees as if they were members of his extended family.

That nature and an innate passion for green building practices — both of which he inherited from his father, industry icon and company founder Neil Kelly — trickle throughout the entire organization. Not only does that make for a wildly successful company culture, it creates an environment where the buy-in is so deep and rich that the company will increase its volume from $25 million in 2007 to more than $27 million by the time the books are closed on 2008. While many remodeling firms in America are struggling just to keep revenue flat, Neil Kelly Co. has pushed the pedal to the metal thanks to Tom’s aggressive business strategy and cunning knowledge of the Oregon markets his company serves. 
It’s all this that has earned Neil Kelly Co. Professional Remodeler’s 2008 Remodeler of the Year award.

Congratulations Tom and the Neil Kelly Team!!!  Read the rest of the article here.


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