Save big with the HBA’s new fuel program

We all have a lot of challenges to contend with in today’s market. Fuel shouldn’t be one of them. That is why Supervised Fuels has created an HBA purchasing program that helps lower the total cost of getting your vehicles fueled and back out on the road. 

As a member of the HBA, your purchasing power has been pooled so that you can individually receive the most favorable wholesale purchase prices—prices generally reserved for our largest, nationwide accounts.

HBA members who have signed up for this program have already reported savings of $500-$1,000 a month. 

Program benefits for HBA members include:
• Reduced overall fuel costs as a result of purchasing through a group program
• Employees that spend less time fueling and browsing convenience stores while on your dime
• Employees that get to the work site sooner
• Elimination of unauthorized fuel purchases that drive up your cost of doing business
• Detailed reports and information necessary for managing your employees and the vehicles they drive

To sign up or for more information, contact the HBA at 503-684-1880.


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