Member Profile: 20 Questions with Dave Cutz

Dave Cutz, Paragon Tile & Stone

Dave Cutz, Paragon Tile & Stone

Avid rock hound Dave Cutz fused his passion for geology with his professional world when he founded Paragon Tile & Stone with fellow stone enthusiasts Jim Cutz, Paul Luttrell and Marc Dollahite in 1999.

Although he’s never set tile himself, this V.P. of Finance understands the business inside and out. His company recently received a “Contractor of the Year” award from the Oregon Building Congress for its dedication to apprenticeship and education.

With nine years as an HBA member to his name, Cutz feels he’s gained a great deal of perspective about the building industry. He currently sits on the board of trustees for the Construction Industry Training Trust and the board of directors for the Northwest College of Construction, has participated in the Street of Dreams for several years and was a Texas Hold’Em champion in 2007.

Cutz has been married to his high school sweetheart for more than 23 years. They have two college-aged children and enjoy hiking, playing ultimate Frisbee and fishing.

20 Questions

How’d You Get Started: I went to work for my brother Jim at JC Tile. I originally planned on just helping out in the office for awhile. Go figure.

Secrets to Success: Do what you say you are going to do and do it well.

Measuring Success: For me, success is achieved when your employees love their jobs and when your customers refer you to their friends.

Business Mentors or Heroes: My father. He taught me that having integrity is far more important than being wealthy.

Business Decision You’re Most Proud Of: Creating Paragon Tile & Stone with my three partners.

One You’d Like to Have Back: None. I consider mistakes and bad decisions part of my continuing education.

Principals I Use For Big Decisions: Big decisions concerning Paragon Tile are made by the four partners. We work together to achieve consensus before moving forward.

The Best Business Advice You’ve Received: “Be willing to be wrong.” It was given to me by my wife and has served me well.

What I Learned From My First Job: The value of hard work.

First “Career” Job: I traded grass seed and other commodities.

As a Kid, I Wanted to Be: A high school counselor.

If I Weren’t Doing This, I’d: Probably still be trading seed.

If I Could Work For Free for Any Cause/Charity, It Would Be: At the church we attend and the school where my wife works.

Famous Words I Wished I’d Said: “How do you know if you’re lost if you don’t know where you are going?”-Yogi Berra

I Need More Time on Weekends For: Rock hounding, fishing and yard work.


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