Education: Learn About Lead Paint Rule During Oct. 28 Audio Seminar

Remodelers Council members can listen to the Audio Seminar Tuesday, Oct 28th at 11am at the HBA for FREE!  Call HBA receptionist at 503-684-1880 to RSVP.

Experts on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new lead paint rule governing the work of professional remodelers in homes where there is suspected lead-based paint will discuss the rule and its implications during an NAHB audio seminar beginning 2:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Presented by NAHB Remodelers and The NAHB University of Housing, seminar participants in the seminar, “The EPA’s New Lead Paint Rule: What it Means for You,” will explain in detail what the new rule covers, exactly what remodelers will have to do to be in compliance and where to find additional information.

Featured speakers include:

  • Brindley Byrd, CGR, CAPS, of QX2 Contracting in Lansing, Mich.
    Byrd is an advocate for the remodeling industry and has been an active member of the NAHB Remodelers Lead Based Paint Task Force since 2003.
  • Bob Hanbury, CGR, of House of Hanbury in Newington, Conn.
    Hanbury is a member of the Connecticut Department of Public Safety State Codes and Standards Committee and has represented the remodeling industry during discussions and presentations on lead paint with HUD and the EPA.
  • Matt Watkins, NAHB environmental policy analyst.
    Watkins has been integral in writing several comment letters about the rule to the EPA. Prior to working at NAHB, he was a certified lead-paint risk assessor and worked extensively in enforcement and compliance for both state and local government. He also worked for a high production builder.

The EPA lead paint rule addresses remodeling and renovation projects disturbing more than six square feet of potentially contaminated painted surfaces for all residential and multifamily structures built prior to 1978 that are inhabited or frequented by pregnant women and children under the age of six. It will take effect in April 2010.

It requires a cleaning inspection after the work is completed and grants the remodeler flexibility in determining the size of the work area, which can reduce the size of the area subject to containment.

The EPA rule also lists prohibited work practices ― including open-torch burning and using high-heat guns and high-speed equipment such as grinders and sanders not equipped with a HEPA filter.

For general information about the rule and what NAHB Remodelers are doing to help their members, click here.


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